The ABCs.

Hi, there.

Welcome to the un-tamed jungle of my thoughts on photography. Given that I’ve been a commercial photographer since all the way back in January of 2010, you might be thinking to yourself, “Geez, Steve, what the hell took you so long to start writing a blog?” And the answer is simple: I wanted to have interesting stories to tell, and interesting stories only come with experience.

I’ll be honest, I gave a lot of thought to what story this first blog post ought to tell. I thought about recounting the time I met and was complimented by Conrad Black. I pondered talking about the time I photographed an astronaut on an airstrip while Armageddon descended around us. I even briefly considered recounting the stories of all the people I’ve photographed who’ve since died. But I decided to save those stories for now, and do a little visual storytelling instead.


Full credits:

Model: Nastia K.
H/MUA: Ariana Zhang
Styling & producer: Stefania Mancinelli
BTS video: Morgan Harris
BTS video editing: Sore thumb
Assistant: Barak Falkovitz
Dress: Lea Ann Belter Bridal

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