Double lung-transplant recipient Jamie Chaulk, of Newfoundland, breathes deeply the winter air in front of Toronto General Hospital.

Jamie Chaulk

What happens when a comedian falls ill? Julia Hladkowicz demonstrates in a photo for Quip Magazine.

Julia Hladkowicz

Actor, health and fitness guru and outdoorsman Sebastian Maclean.

The Woodsman

Pilot Dave McElroy and his plane in Hangar 4 at the Toronto Buttonville Airport, photographed for the non-profit organization Hope Air.

The Aviator

Justin, a young mechanic at a small repair shop, takes a look under the hood of a car.

The Mechanic

Love blooms eternal for Kit and Dietmar, a couple photographed at the North York Seniors Centre on Valentine’s Day, 2019.

Kit & Dietmar

Canadian photography icon Peter Bregg poses during a slow moment in the inaugural Canadian Help-Portrait event.

Peter Bregg

Dog-lover and native east-end Torontonian Joanna Bull poses with her pooch in a park.


Unofficial David Suzuki lookalike Kieth shows off his topiary skills.


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